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Do I have to refrigerate pistachio paste or butter?

July 24th, 2015 by

Pistachio paste and butter are delicate nut products that have the ability to go bad quickly if stored improperly. Oil can spoil! Ground pistachio can also lose their flavor when exposed to air. Once opened, pistachio butter can typically last a few weeks in the pantry and up to 5-6 months in the fridge. There are two different ways to store butter or paste once it is opened.

Pantry: Pistachio butter or paste can be stored in a cool cupboard. It can be stored anywhere that is a dry and cool area.

If you don’t have a cool place for the butter or paste, place it in the….

Refrigerator: It is not necessary to put pistachio paste or butter into the fridge. Natural nut butters can separate since we do not put any ingredients to keep the oil from separating from the solid nut parts. This creates a layer of oil floating on top of the butter. Separation can be prevented by sticking the paste or butter container into the fridge. Be sure to stir the contents before doing so, or you’ll have a workout stirring the oil back into the butter! Also, do not drain any of the natural oil on top or you’ll be left with ground pistachio solids.

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Pistachio Paste & Butter

May 24th, 2015 by

Butter and paste are unique pistachio products at Fiddyment Farms. Some people haven’t heard of them or don’t have much experience with them, so it’s natural for our customers to be curious. Truth is you don’t have to be a famed chef or a food connoisseur to enjoy pistachio paste or butter at home.

Are you wondering which one you should purchase? Do you want to know what pistachio paste or butter is each used for? Check out these 3 points to guide you to the product best for you.